Been in the hospital for 1 year, finally out!

Here we go again!

It's been a really hard year for me, didn't have any time to produce but now I'm finally back (: Not producing yet, just got back on my feet and start working again. In two weeks I will attend a 4 month course at SAE Milano (Italy) on Eletronic Music Production. Really excited about it!
Daniel - 28/04/2015

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Daniel (25), based in Switzerland

If the music unites then it's the music I like.


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42 Seconds of Silence

This is the short version, for the long version visit my youtube channel Enjoy mates, never stop sharing the Love! Yes, it's that simple!


Music takes you places. When I listen to this track I find myself teleported in so many different contexts. Simply, just imagine.


Some fresh Progressive Psytrance for the summer. You can feel that Ra and Anubis are gettin' along pretty well. Pyramids and sphinxes!

Sguaiabibi EP

My first work. This 5 track EP was released on June 9 2013. I've worked on this EP for two years before going pubblic. Enjoy!

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